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Louis Wain-Cat Artist

Portrait of LouisWain

Portrait of Louis Wain

     I first ran across Louis Wain nearly a year ago-not literally since he’s been dead for over 100 years!  A fellow collector who has a booth at the local antique store told me about him.  At the time I was fairly new at selling Victorian items and quite interested as one of the items he was selling was a scrapbook I had my eye on that had a Louis Wain postcard in it.  So I did a little research and here are some interesting tidbits.


     Louis Wain is well known and loved for the cats he drew that were portrayed in the most human of activities.  His cats characteristically have large eyes.  He came to start drawing cats while his wife was battling breast cancer.  She found great comfort in her feline companion and Louis started dressing her cat up to amuse her and cheer her.  The idea took flight and he spent a good part of the remainder of his career drawing cats engaged in many activities. 


     I think I like Louis Wain particularly because he had schizophrenia.  I’ve been working with people that have schizophrenia for a good part of my career and continue to do so.  So many in the public don’t understand this mental illness and Louis is a good example of how someone with schizophrenia can have a productive life.


     Right now I have some of Louis Wain cat prints in my eBay store.  They came from his book, With Louis Wain to Fairyland.  Below are a few images of the prints for sale.  If you are interested in buying any, please click on the eBay store image to your left to take you to my store.




Please feel free to comment and share any information you have about Louis Wain and his famous cats.

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